I’m Alexis, the founder and let me be the first to welcome you to COLONARY DELIGHTS!  
PURPOSE: to provide you access to resources, tools and support for self implementation in the path to healing yourself while LIVING with Ulcerative Colitis.
Today aka (Nov 18,2015...PS I'm still med free, YIPPEE!)
Different from other UC support?: Yes, this provides you with empowerment to heal your mind, your body, your relationships while living with UC. It will give you tools to:
* conquer the feeling of defeat from yourself and peers * getting rid of the sayings “ I give up” or “because I have colitis I can’t.” * It will give a sense of control over the disease rather than settling with “how it is” or old habits of understanding how it is supposed to be with UC.  

WHY ME ? I’m not a doctor, lawyer, dietician, or nutritionist but an individual like you who is living with ulcerative colitis and I am determined to share that there is another way to approach your disease for the sake of your sanity and healing.
I HAVE broken my personal barriers of "the norm while living with UC". I have survived 5 flares over the course of almost 14 years with medication management for the majority HOWEVER, now CURRENTLY medication free since May 18th 2015, colon intact! Yippee!!
Additionally, I also am a board certified Occupational Therapist that has been utilizing my skills for lifestyle redesign while living with disease, disability and barriers that impact quality of day to day life.
**Preaching a CURE for ulcerative colitis or autoimmune disease 
**to cause harm in any form to those who follow/writer with negative or unsupportive comments
**unproductive venting because we have guts and hearts of UC to heal in here!
Mine! My content, take it or leave it. Don’t like what you hear or do not have something nice to say, please excuse yourself from following this site.
This is an opportunity for me to share with you strategies and systems that have worked for me. Some potential, positive side effects include:
* decreasing risk for flare or further harm to the colon and diagnosis
* decrease duration in flare
* increase opportunity for remission, understanding your symptoms with management physically and mentally, as well as for sustaining quality of life * promote well being in mind and body to decrease stress (both associated with the disease and that which causes unwarranted harm back to the colon) *self evaluation and ongoing review/reevaluation to determine your priorities and wishes while living with UC * place to ask questions or requests for content of interest that which you would like to know more about.
ABOUT THE CONTENT from the provider: approved which may include the following:
* Words of wisdom, encouragement, support and empowerment that provide you value in your healing journey with UC.
*Tools and strategies for healing mentally, cognitively, socially, nutritionally and physically with UC
* Info-products, services and opportunities that have potential to be effective for the RIGHT CANDIDATE including:
++one-on-one coaching with or without video modules
++personal development webinars
++ nutrition or exercise program, includes exercise modification consultations (the joint, muscle and nerve pain sure are a kick in the pants)!
++scholarship opportunities
++apparel supporting fundraising for the following:
***for which profit percentage goes to the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America for further research, treatments, resources of the disease
***for which profit percentage goes to the Occupational Therapy professional organizations to sustain practice. Includes continued advocacy to serve those who are surviving chronic medical conditions such as that of Ulcerative colitis/autoimmune diseases (put not limited to OT research that facilitate independence in those who suffer from conditions such as congestive heart failure, COPD, and others). These therapists maximize client independence, safety and accessibility to meaningful day to day living activity to sustain quality of life despite the physical, mental, social, cognitive, environmental barriers they face.
That’s it! Looking forward to serving you!

LEARN, GROW and EVOLVE through your unique journey in finding your healing.
There will be ups/downs, imperfections, failures and successes...just keep going as this is YOUR journey and no one else’s to dictate
Do not give up when something does not work for you. Try it again with a modification and if not, something else will!
Advertising and spam that is NOT administrator approved will be subjected to a “2 strikes you're out” policy. Warning given via deletion of post and blocked if a second attempt is made
NO TOLERANCE POLICY for abusive language or talk, trolls, discrediting information or experiences of the provider who have had successes of techniques, products, services , criticism of followers/admin for striving to achieve their healing (as said before, please excuse yourself from following or unfortunately you will be removed)
suspicion of followers who are fake in having an autoimmune disease or form of taking advantage of other followers, please report them to the writer. The administrator will also do so accordingly (we’ve got some bad seeds out there and thank you to those in my UC community who’s got yours and my back by protecting our family).
In joining the following you agree to these terms and they may be updated accordingly to the needs of the followers as time progresses

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