Monday, September 19, 2016

UC Food diary Journal and Guide Coming Soon!

The veggies look FRIGHTENING right?!

Well, not quite if you know your triggers.

Managing food triggers of what exacerbates your UC symptoms is often very confusing (and may take you years to become an expert in...after all 14 years since I was diagnosed and I have figured it out about 80% of the way to stay in remission).

What you put in your body during a flare also may look very different than when you are in remission.

This is why I will be providing you with the opportunity to pick up my food diary journal and guide quite soon to decipher what works, what doesn't and what you may want to consider revisiting for the nutritional benefits of calming your flares and stay in remission more frequently.

I will be posting updates for when the release of this detailed food diary journal and guide will be available on my facebook page at 

Friday, May 13, 2016

UC Toolkit UPDATE!

New items added for your convenience to the UC SURVIVAL KIT TAB.  Enjoy! Tell me what you keep in your Toolkit in the comments below